What does a typical Wimbledon or Premier League fan look like?

Typical Wimbledon fan is high-earning, environmentally conscious female, with a Volkswagen Golf as one of her two cars.

(London, UK, July 05, 2017) — With just a few days until the start of the world famous tennis grand slam, and the 2017-18 Premier League season just around the corner, new research analysing data from over 300,000 tennis and football fans reveals key insights about their lives.

The data, released today by Viant, a Time Inc. people-based advertising technology company, paints a more complete picture of sports fans for advertisers, showing how much they earn, where they go on holiday, what cars they drive and what charities they support. Using these people-based insights, marketers have the tools to make better decisions about how to deliver the right ads to consumers, on the right device, at the right time.

Key findings include:

  • While Ford is the most popular car brand for both tennis and football lovers, fans of the grand slam tournament are 16% more likely to buy a Volkswagen, especially a Golf, with football fans 11% more likely to own a BMW, specifically a 3 Series
  • Tennis fans are also 9% more likely to own two cars than football fans
  • Football enthusiasts are 5% more likely to holiday in the UK and Europe than tennis fans
  • Wimbledon lovers are 12% more likely to support charities for the elderly with Premiership football fans more likely to support animal and third world charities (16% and 15% respectively)
  • The average tennis fan takes home on average more than £50,000, is 18% more likely to be female and is 10% less likely to have children under 18
  • Football fans are 15% more likely to be male and take home less than £40,000 on average
  • While tennis fans are concerned about the environment, being ‘green’ is lower on the list of priorities for football fans

Toby Benjamin, VP Platform Partnerships at Viant, said “With another bumper summer of sport on the way, many brands and advertisers will be looking to reach fans with their campaigns. Rather than having to make broad-brush assumptions about sports fans, our people-based data gives marketers key insights that help them create a fully rounded picture of an individual, and reach them with the right messages, at the right time.”


  1. The primary source for these findings is internal data mining of Viant’s Identity Management Platform (IMP) and its people-based connection to rich, deterministic data sets including social media insights from Statsocial, vehicle ownership data from RAC, and other consumer data points from partners including Experian and Marketing Source. This analysis focused on a population of 182,867 football fans and 133,581 tennis fans.
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