Q3 2017 IPA Bellwether Report Shows Internet Budgets Strong Despite Slow in Main Media Advertising

With the results in the IPA Bellwether report, Toby Benjamin, VP platform partnerships, Viant, feels that showcasing robust measurement is more important than ever: “It’s been a tumultuous year for marketing budgets, with Brexit uncertainty and squeezes on spending – with a similar outlook predicted for next year. For marketers, this means it’s now more important than ever to defend their budgets by proving ROI with robust measurement. More and more advertisers are moving to a people-based approach in order to do this, which relies on first-party data to identify real individuals, serve them relevant ads, and directly measure a campaign’s impact on sales, both online and offline.”

Teads, Viant, Verve comment on the IAB ad spend report

“We’re seeing more and more advertisers move to a people-based approach, that relies on first party data to identify real individuals, serve them relevant ads, and directly measure a campaign’s impact on sales, both online and offline. By proving the impact of digital ad spend on sales and showing its value in the broader marketing mix, we can be confident we will see budgets continue to rise next year,” says Viant’s UK MD, Katie Field, as she discusses the IAB UK video ad spend report.

iPhone Users More Likely Than Android Users to be Gen X, Wealthy and Married

As the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus become available to most of the world, it has been found that iPhone users are more likely to be part of Generation X, high earning and married compared to Android users. People-based ad tech company Viant analysed its first-party data linked to more than 1.2bn real, registered users and overlaying actual purchase and consumption data.

Meet the iclone: how the iPhone became comfort technology

Viant reveals the differences between UK iPhone and Android users to Campaign Magazine for the launch of the iPhone X and iPhone 8 at today’s Apple event.

Viewpoint: Duelling the Duopoly

With its first-party data, people-based platform and mobile-first DSP, Viant is challenging Facebook and Google, writes Mobile Marketing Magazine.

Viant on Making the Most of its 1.2B Registered Users

Viant’s VP, Toby Benjamin, reveals the key elements of a people-based marketing platform, including first-party data and device linkage, in Mobile Marketing Magazine.

Top marketing analytics tips: How to spot a people-based faker

More and more companies are trying to get into the people-based marketing space. But while many claim to have data sources, they simply rely on device IDs, not building accurate and in depth personas for individuals. Toby Benjamin, VP Platform Partnerships, Viant, explains how they’re missing the three key things which constitute a true people-based platform: Scale, accuracy and depth.

IPA Bellwether Report Q2 2017

Marketing budgets are being sustained at a robust rate, but Brexit, political uncertainty, and rising inflation are impacting financial prospects, reveals Q2 2017 IPA Bellwether, released this Wednesday (19 July).

Why Data-Driven Marketing and Creativity Aren’t Mutually Exclusive

Viant VP, Toby Benjamin, discusses why having the right data to help you distribute your creative is crucial to the success of a campaign.

What does a typical Wimbledon or Premier League fan look like?

A typical Wimbledon fan is high-earning, environmentally-conscious female, with a Volkswagen Golf as one of her two cars, according to new research.